Pay Per Click (PPC)

Billions of searches are made on search engines every day. People ‘google’ for all kinds of information, be it for finding out a nearby shop or the latest product in the market. For the brands, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an easy way to reach people who search for a product or service they offer. If your brand doesn’t organically feature on the first page of the search engines, PPC, also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the quickest way to do so. But PPC/SEM comes at a small fee, which varies depending on various factors. PPC/SEM, one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing, helps a brand to increase website traffic instantly. Apart from increasing website traffic, PPC also helps in creating brand awareness, generating leads and boosting sales.

Google Ads is the most common type of PPC ads as Google enjoys 98.74% of search engine market share in India. Google Ads are highly useful in increasing sales, generating leads and creating brand awareness. The success of a PPC campaign depends mainly on the right keyword. We, at Ten Degree North Communications finalise a key word after thorough research.

Three Reasons To Hire Us To Do PPC !

Budget Flexibility

PPC allows you complete control over budget and ad placement. Budget flexibility is one of the most important features of PPC ads as it allows you to start with a very small budget. Also, you need to pay only if a potential customer is clicked on your ad. PPC allows you to extend or stop an ad whenever you wish to do so.

Track Performance 

PPC is measurable and trackable. A major benefit of PPC ads is that they are measurable, unlike traditional ads. You can view the performance of the ads, including reach, impressions and clicks reach. The stats allow you to examine the performance of your ads, what kind of traffic they are driving. After analyzing the stats, you are free to modify the campaigns.

Target Customers

Targeting is another major highlight of PPC ads. Instead of flashing your ad to everyone, PPC allows you to target potential customers based on their geographical location, age and interests. Remarketing is yet another feature of PPC and it allows you to retarget a person, who showed interest in your product.

Our PPC Services

PPC Advertisement Services

Our digital experts help to plan unique advertising campaigns based on your business requirements.

PPC Management


We cover everything from optimized landing pages to affiliate marketing.

Campaign Report and Analysis

We monitor each performance of your campaign on a regular basis and share the reports.

Expert Decision


Our team is always ready to share proper guidance to our clients for a better growth.


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