Kalliyath marks 90 years of existence with new initiatives and mission towards 100 years

Kalliyath marks 90 years of existence with new initiatives and mission towards 100 years

Kalliyath Group, a leading name in the steel industry, has marked 90 years of its existence with new initiatives and mission towards 100 years. Established in 1929 by Kalliyath Abdul Khader Haji, Kalliyath Group has undertaken various initiatives, including expansion and upgrading of its factory, to mark its 90 th anniversary. The company is also planning to launch novel and exceptional quality products in the coming years to mark its commitment towards the customers.

The production capacity of the company’s plant located in Palakkad was recently expanded. As part of the expansion, the per pass production capacity has been increased from 40 tonnes to 200 tonnes. It has incorporated many sophisticated technologies, including Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) Controlled Continuous Linear Rolling Mill, in its state-of-the-art factory in Palakkad. First of its kind in Kerala, the technology helps to improve the speed of production of TMT bars, their heat efficiency, consistency in grade, quality, rib, section weight and strength of TMT bars. It also helps to reduce miss-
roll, burning loss, rejection and breakdown. The company is also planning strengthen its distribution network in southern Kerala.

Addressing a media conference here, Noor Muhammed Noorsha Kalliyath, MD, Kalliyath Group, said, “Kalliyath Group has reached a major milestone. In the last 90 years, Kalliyath could climb great heights that no other TMT brand was able to achieve. It became possible thanks to the support our customers, dealers and employees. As we are preparing for the 100 th year, we have upgraded the factory with many latest technologies and set new goals.”

Kalliyath TMT’s factory houses South India’s first fully automated furnace that helps in enabling controlled pollution, energy reuse and conservation and controlled firing. “The notable feature of the furnace is the latest recuperator, which helps to reuse the heat. The furnace with most-modern pollution control system helps to ensure zero pollution production. It also helps to increase production capacity to 24 tonnes per hours by avoiding energy loss,” said Noor Muhammed Noorsha Kalliyath. He added that another novel feature of the plant is the cooling box with hydromax technology. In order to ensure the quality of TMT bars, the company has also incorporated corrosion free technology.

Kalliyath Group also has a dedicated safety team and initiated many safety measures to ensure accident free work environment. Kalliyath, with an annual turnover of Rs 700 crores, has stock yards in Palakkad and Ernakulam and distribution network in neighbouring states. On the occasion, Kalliyath has also launched a project for the start-ups. “Under the project, for the next
10 years every year we will foster one best business idea. The business ideas will be selected by an internal team of the company. Kalliyath Group will provide fostering support to the selected business idea,” said Dirsha Muhammed Kalliyath, Executive Director, Kalliyath Group.

Dirsha Muhammed Kalliyath further said that Kalliyath Group has also initiated numerous corporate social responsibility initiatives, including Vidyamithra. “Kalliyath Group believes that education lays the foundation for the progress of the society. As part of the same, we launched Vidyamithra scholarship and have been providing school kits to the needy students.” He added that apart from these, initiatives were also taken to set up smart classrooms to upgrade the quality of education imparted in schools.

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